My Story

My name is Donna I’m the founder and creator of KOHJI.

I live in the North East of England with my husband Jonny and my two children Layla 11 and Cassian 3.

For the past 15 years I have had a pretty full on, fast paced, full time job as an Operations Manager in the Hospitality Industry and while for the most part I have really enjoyed it, I did have to make a lot of sacrifices when it came to my family and friends. I was also constantly stressed and it was starting to have a negative impact on my health, so something had to change.

Aswell as that, like a lot of people Im sure, 2020 has definitely made me re-evaluate what is important and realise that life is just too short to not be doing something you love.

I have always been obsessed with candles and spent lots of time searching for great smelling candles that look beautiful and more importantly are made from natural, cruelty free and non toxic ingredients.

After playing round with a starter kit I’d had in my cupboard for years, I thought why don’t I give this a go myself, plus it was a welcomed change from all things lock down. I enrolled on numerous candle courses and spent months and months sourcing the best natural waxes, essential oils and working on the perfect blends. My husband even made me a little studio in the garage then what started as a hobby turned into a passion.

So here we are today, I’m making my KOHJI dream into a reality. Our candles are made from the highest quality plant-based ingredients and are lovingly hand-poured with soy & coconut wax using pure essential oils, featuring cotton wicks and set in stunning amber glass jars ensuring they are totally natural, healthy and cruelty free.

I can’t wait to share my candles and melts with you.

Your support means everything.

Donna x